Review: Etude House Green Tea Nose Patch

What does it do: Cleanse and subdue oil while extracting pore residue and build up.

How much: Php 38 (around $1)

Instructions: Wet nose with water. Remove clear film from pack and fasten adhesive side to nose. Remove strip when dry.

I actually tried this product twice before reviewing it. I... am not sure if its because I'm misinterpreting the instructions or what, but it HARDLY works for me. It only takes off a few blackheads and whiteheads.

The first time I tried it, I followed the instructions word for word. It took off so little dirt it was hardly noticeable. The second time, I checked other reviews and I tried to follow their sequence (someone said to wet the strip again after putting it on.. I forgot whose blog I read this on I'm sorry!). But it still didn't work for me. It might be just my nose since it seems to work for a lot of other girls..

Packaging - 5/5
Price - 4/5
Effect - 2/5
Smell - 5/5
Overall - 3/5

Please try for yourselves and let me know your opinions! Or tell me how to use this properly XD
I love the smell of this nose patch though... and it covers a big area.

Will I repurchase?
Not very likely. Actually I highly doubt. There are other products that could do a better job in my opinion, and are much cheaper so I would rather purchase those :)

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