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Black and Gold - Polyvore Fashion Set

Black and Gold by tamershadow featuring 14k bangles
Miso mesh top
£20 -

Dsquared denim mini skirt
£239 -

Black army boots
$37 -

Kate spade handbag
$278 -

Blue Nile 14k bangle
$3,450 -

LORD & TAYLOR hammered earrings
$400 -

LancĂ´me lip gloss
$26 -

(A very late) Birthday Post!


Okay, so this is a very very late post about my birthday. I was really busy and I just haven't had the time to sit down and fully type out everything that happened that day and that during that week of my birthday.

I turned 22 years old last May 08 and I have to say that it was one heck of week for me. It was part good and part bad... though I wouldn't call the bad parts weren't completely horrible. Really, worse things can happen, and I think that some good came out of these things.

ANYWAY. Here's a rough breakdown of the events that transpired.

May 3 - Raining hard, fell in a puddle because my weak dislocated knee gave way.
May 5 - Boyfriend comes over with baby fishies, lunch at my house, shopping/dinner date after.
May 6 - Family outing and picture taking day
May 8 - My birthday, shopping, fainted, rode an ambulance and went to Makati Med ER
May 12 - Diarrhea
May 13 - Fever and colds

Pretty crazy week huh? More details after the cut. Long Entry!!

Review: Etude House I need you, Green Tea Mask Sheet

What does it do: Soothes and comforts stressed and fatigued skin.

How much: Php 58 (around $1)

Instructions: Prepare skin with toner before using (helps skin absorb the essence better). Apply the mask to face and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Gently massage remaining essence into skin.

I tried this mask over the weekend after a looooooong time of not using any masks. I stopped because my skin was breaking out in little pimplettes on my forehead and cheeks. However, my skin is a lot better now so I thought I'd give it a try.

The smell of this mask is not as strong as the other masks I've tried. It has a very gentle scent, which is nice. When I put it on, as usual, the mask didn't fit well with my face. The nose area was too short and the chin area too wide. I had essence dripping all over my neck haha!

I didn't feel anything significant or different while wearing the mask. As I took it off, I didn't see any great difference at first. But after a while, I did notice that…

Salmon - Polyvore Fashion Set

Salmon by tamershadow featuring orla kiely handbags
Club L tall shirt
€20 -

Oasis denim skirt
$72 -

Bloch ballerina flat
€145 -

Orla kiely handbag
$450 -

Diamond jewelry
$5.99 -

Summer Casual - Polyvore Fashion Set

Summer Casual by tamershadow featuring high heels
A Wear coral top
£6 -

Mango biker jacket
£45 -

Denim pencil skirt
£12 -

Miu Miu high heels
$630 -

La Prairie tinted moisturizer
$100 -

Irish Smiles Bouquet

Set of 3 Eliza Mini Frames
$17 -

Beauty Pick/Favorite of the Month~! (Lipstick)

Hi everyone!

Today I will be doing a Beauty Pick (or Favorite) for the month! :D So for May, while we are in the midst of bright bright colors in both fashion and the beauty department, I've opted for a more toned down color as my beauty favorite for this time.

Does anyone recognize the lipstick? 
It's The Face Shop's All About Lipstick in PK101 Semi-Matte. This is one of my all time favorite lipsticks. It gives you enough color so that you don't look washed out, but it's not intimidating to wear. Even those who are more conservative with their lip colors can wear this lovely shade :)

A rather blurry close up... I didn't notice it was blurry until I uploaded it :|
Now, while this lipstick looks like a dark-ish sort of pink in the tube, it's actually a pigmented carnation pink shade. Depending on how much you put, it could end up looking like a natural pink color, or a fun Barbie pink color.
Some swatches... Swatch one on my left arm. I swiped this twice.

Outfit Post~!

Hi everyone! :D

I've decided to try to post something like my OOTD every sunday. Although, I'd have to admit it may often be my outfit from saturday or sometime during the week. However I have decided to (try to) regularly post this on Sundays since I can't do one every day.

Anyway, so I wore this on May 06, Sunday.
I went to the mall with my family to celebrate my birthday in advance! This was taken at Great Image, while waiting for our family pictures to be given to us.


Denim Jacket - Tissue bought from the hyphen store (they're awesome. I always buy from them when they're at the DLSU bazaar)
Tank Top - NY Quest bought from SM Dept Store
Skirt - Forever 21 bought from Forever 21
Shoes - Parisian bought from SM Dept Store
Bag - Parisian bought from SM Dept Store
Gold bangle - Forever 21 bought from Forever 21 (haul here)
Long Necklace - Accessories bought from Landmark

Forever 21 Haul~! (Accessories)

Hi everyone! I have another haul! This is a mini haul too though since I didn't find a lot of things that I liked in particular. Once again, prices will be listed below.
The first is my absolute favorite. When I saw it, I was just so caught up in how pretty it was that I just HAD to get it. Not too many bracelets look nice on me since my arm is bony and most bracelets - sets of bangles to be exact, just make my arm look malnourished. Isn't it gorgeous?

The next one I got was something I almost missed. I had casually browsed at the rings and nothing caught my eye. I'm not too fond of big bulky rings because they really just don't suit my lifestyle since I use my hands a lot. Plus, I don't think big rings look nice on my tiny hands :/ BUT! I decided to bend down and look at the rings at the bottom. Lo and behold! I found this pretty treasure!

It's like a princess ring! <3 I might not be able to wear this often because it's so delicate, I might break it. M…

French Charm, Polyvore Fashion Set

French Charm by tamershadow featuring an agent provocateur perfume
Equipment shirt
$248 -

Kate spade
$178 -

Vera Wang heeled sandals
$298 -

RED Valentino genuine leather handbag
$625 -

Kendra Scott rose jewelry
$55 -

Tasha jewelry
$38 -

Christian Lacroix vintage style sunglasses
$325 -

Guerlain makeup
$35 -

Agent provocateur perfume
$72 -

Magnolia Print - Pink Magnolia Flower Photograph - Fine Art Print -...
$25 -

Romantic - Polyvore Fashion Set

Romantic by tamershadow featuring boho earrings
Mimosa lace evening dress
€75 -

Vivienne Westwood Red Label crop top
£285 -

Giuseppe Zanotti heel pumps
$750 -

Rebecca Minkoff nautical handbag
$350 -

Gorjana boho earrings
$45 -

Dara Ettinger stackable jewelry
$80 -

18k jewelry
$2,795 -

Shimmer blush

Christian Dior couture perfume
£44 -

Decorative Armoire
$1,898 -

Dale Tiffany PG70375 Capricorn Perfume Bottle Statue , Art Glass...
$60 -