(A very late) Birthday Post!


Okay, so this is a very very late post about my birthday. I was really busy and I just haven't had the time to sit down and fully type out everything that happened that day and that during that week of my birthday.

I turned 22 years old last May 08 and I have to say that it was one heck of week for me. It was part good and part bad... though I wouldn't call the bad parts weren't completely horrible. Really, worse things can happen, and I think that some good came out of these things.

ANYWAY. Here's a rough breakdown of the events that transpired.

May 3 - Raining hard, fell in a puddle because my weak dislocated knee gave way.
May 5 - Boyfriend comes over with baby fishies, lunch at my house, shopping/dinner date after.
May 6 - Family outing and picture taking day
May 8 - My birthday, shopping, fainted, rode an ambulance and went to Makati Med ER
May 12 - Diarrhea
May 13 - Fever and colds

Pretty crazy week huh? More details after the cut. Long Entry!!
May 3 - It had started raining hard in GH and I was in starbucks. I wasn't bothered since I had my umbrella with me. When I finally left, I realized that the rain had left many big puddles and gushing canals. I made the mistake of crossing over to the left side too early. The path was blocked by a deep running "mini river" near the convenience store. No one could cross. I was wearing my rubber shoes which were breaking from use and because they were already soaked from the rain. I decided to double back to try to cross back to the right side.However, the puddle had grown so much that I would have to return to the corner to cross and there were just too many cars. I decided to try to leap over a puddle. I chose one that was not so wide, and jumped when the traffic was at a stop.

I used the wrong leg.

I jumped using my weak left leg and my knee buckled.I almost fell in the puddle but my right leg moved forward so I was kneeling on my left knee. I sloshed so much water on myself and I was carrying my stuff. I was able to stand quickly and walk to the other side. My left leg burned. I had smashed my formerly dislocated knee on the pavement. I tried to act like nothing happened even if I knew a LOT of people saw me. Good thing my umbrella hid my face. I heard people gasp, shriek, someone laughed I think, but no one helped. I walked fast and got to the train. I had to limp the whole day. And I had to wear my knee brace the next few days after that.

May 5On Saturday, my boyfriend came over to the house for the first time, bringing FISHIES! One of his goldfishes gave birth and he raised the babies for a few months. He decided to give a few to me :) I was so happy since I haven't had a pet in so long and the baby fishes were so so so cute!

He stayed with us for lunch, and mommy had prepared a lot of food. After that, we played Dynasty Warriors on the PS2. Then my boyfriend and I went to the mall.

There was a huge sale and there were a lot of people. We went to a couple of stores (Etude House, Bench, Folded and Hung, Department Store and Forever 21) and did a little shopping. I bought some skin care stuff and a shirt from Bench. I thought I lost him in Forever 21 when I fitted a skirt on... but to my surprise he had gone to buy me another gift. He bought me a beautiful wooden comb. It looked like something you would only put on display. It was very symbolic and I loved it.

Soon, we were hungry and we decided to have dinner in one of my favorite restaurants... Pancake House! We enjoyed the meal 100%! We stayed there for more than an hour and we ate very slowly. We talked, and savored our food. We were discussing the flavors and texture like we were food critics! LOL. That was one of the best meals I've ever had.

May 8 - My day started out wonderfully since, despite my being not so early at Starbucks, I was able to get my favorite couch! I ordered my favorite Caramel Frappuccino, and the barista almost got my name right haha! It's such a small thing but it made made me quite happy. As I sat down however, I noticed that my cellphone battery was down, and I forgot my two chargers! I was in a moment of panic then, because people were texting and calling, and here was my battery at 32%. Crazy.

I left at the usual time, around 11, and I went to go shopping in one of the malls near my office. I went to Lush and bought the soap I was eyeing for so long -- Karma. The lady who helped me was so nice. I was carrying a lot of things and she offered to give me a bigger bag so I could put all my stuff in. :) That was just really nice and sweet of her.

After that, I ate my sandwich in another mall and played with the wifi there before going to work. Nothing special.


 At 950pm, I was getting very dizzy. At 10pm, I was feeling very very hot but my hands were cold, but I called my student. Its a good thing she had an interesting day, so she did all the talking while I struggled with my body. At 1015pm, I couldn't breathe and I couldn't focus. I knew I was going to faint. I told my student I couldn't hear her and I didn't feel good. I was mumbling I had to go to the bathroom. I heard her worried voice from far away asking if I was okay. But I knew I was losing consciousness fast. I told her I had to go and was sorry then I hung up. I then grabbed my co-worker/friend and I fell on him.

As I was unconscious, my coworkers panicked. I passed in and out of consciousness. They lay me on a table in the pantry (the company doesn't have a freaking clinic) and I started reviving. The company nurse became worried when I said I couldn't feel my limbs. She had taken my blood pressure 3 times and it was so low. She called the hospital and ambulance. The emergency response team came up and asked questions. After a long while, the stretcher came and they transferred me onto it. I was wheeled out and all I could think of was "is this really happening?"

They used the service elevator and I was so scared.When the doors opened, I was in the parking lot. The ambulance was waiting already. The driver had to maneuver the van to get to me, I remember it backed up too much and almost hit me. The nurses and emergency unit freaked out hahaha! Then when they were loading me in, I was really shaking. They even dropped me for a moment, and I felt like I wanted to cry. Looking around, I noticed that it looked like an ordinary van, that just had some solution hanging at the side and a stethoscope. The nurses had to bring their own BP equipment. As we were leaving and I saw the building through the window, I felt like I was dreaming. The ambulance drove so fast! If I weren't strapped on, I would surely be falling all over the place. The nurses were flailing and falling, struggling to hang on.

During the ride, I felt like I was in a dream. I couldn't believe I was in an ambulance, yet at the same time I was in awe that I was in an ambulance haha! I was also worried and scared, I wondered how much this would cost... etc. The nurse was so nice, she held my hand and kept reassuring me.

They brought me to the emergency room of Makati Med. Surprisingly, there were a lot of people there and they were all staring at me. They wheeled me into a curtained area and they hooked me up to the machines that monitor you. The doctor who came in spoke so fast and seemed so routine. I became more scared because of her. The nurses there were also too professional for poor scared me haha. I was lucky the company nurses stayed with me. They were so nice. My parents came in soon and my mom looked so scared that it seemed dramatic and I had to laugh. The colleague I fell on then called me up and he visited me. I was surprised that he did, and actually quite touched. It really made me feel better.

The hospital ran some tests (ECG, blood test) to determine if I was stable. The blood test person took forever so while everyone was talking I was 'playing' with the monitor hahaha! I was manipulating my breathing and watching the meter go up and down, fast and slow, high and low. I really felt like a child playing with a new toy. When the blood test guy came, everyone saw my heart rate, and breathing go up! They were all laughing and I felt so exposed because I couldn't hide my nervousness. They laughed when they saw it go down after too.

I was soon cleared and discharged. My colleague went on ahead and then nurses left too. We paid and went home. Miraculously, my phone LIVED throughout this crazy day.

May 13 - After going out the day before to visit my boyfriend, I suddenly caught a cold! My immune system must have been down. I ignored it, but by the evening I had a 38.7 fever! So crazy :)) But I took medicine and was well enough to go to work.

Craziest birthday week ever.