23 Father's Day Gift Ideas (or for any man in your life..)

Hi everyone~!

Father's Day is coming! Have you guys already prepared what you're planning to give dear old dad?

A few week ago I began thinking of what I would give my dad. I always ALWAYS have trouble picking out a gift for him since, 1. it's harder for me (and most other women) to think of a gift for a guy and 2. my dad doesn't use a lot of stuff. I mean, he doesn't like changing wallets, or accessories (belts, watches, etc). He has so many shirts, so many pairs of shoes. He has his own simple skin care routine (he loves cetaphil) and he isn't into new gadgets.

It's so hard.
Just like shopping for my boyfriend is hard too since he's not accustomed to buying things he doesn't need or things that are not "necessary" for him as he says. So when I ask him what he wants, he always says nothing! How frustrating.

Anyway, needless to say I thought of some gift ideas to give the men in your lives :D Some are ideas I thought of for my dad, others are for dads or guys in general. You can use these ideas for any guy in your life :) And for any occasion too!

I hope this will be of help to you~

Gift Ideas List!

For those willing to splurge a little: Let's get dad something he likes but wont spend on!
1. Expensive coffee (ie: Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee) - this is what I'm getting my dad. He LOVES coffee and I know he enjoys Starbucks coffee, but he would never spend on it for himself. Make the package complete by buying coffee filters too!

2.Watch - I'm not talking Rolex here guys.There are nice watches out there that won't hurt your pockets as much as a Rolex will. Does your dad already have a wrist watch? Try an alternative, like a pocket watch :P

3. Cologne/Perfume/Aftershave - Get mom to help you on this one :) I'm sure she'll know what dad likes to use, what would suit him best!

4. Wine - This is a classic gift I think. Haha! This is practically a default, go-to idea for dad (unless he's allergic). There are other beverages to choose from depending on alcohol what is preferred. If you don't want to buy the beverage, try spiked chocolate as an alternative! :p

5. Skin Care - I guess this is a gift most would usually give their moms, but some dads are conscious of their skin too (like mine). Think of a good eye cream, skin toner or cleansing set :) Most beauty stores have men's products, so start looking around :p

6. Tickets to a game/movie - Is your dad a sports fan? A movie junkie? He'd love tickets to the next game or newest movie. Its the perfect time to bond with him :D

7. Spa - Now we all know how much stress and work dad has to go through, and no doubt he is in need for a serious vacation. Now while there might not be enough time to plan a trip, a spa day for him will relax his tired muscles and make him feel more energized.

For those who are creative: Yay DIY!
1. DIY coffee mug - You can buy any plain coffee mug and go crazy decorating it! Print a picture or paint your own design. Won't it be nice for him to use when drinking coffee in the morning?

2. Bake a cake/pastry/etc - We all know how men love food. Why not bake for him on this special day? Surprise him with his favorite pastry~

3. Collage of pictures of you and dad - Gather some of your favorite pictures of the two of you or the whole family. Decorate it and add a message to it!

4. A heartfelt letter - You can't go wrong with a letter expressing all your gratitude, love and appreciation for him, especially through all your hardships :) This will definitely put a smile on his face. Don't forget to give him a BIG HUG!

5. Scrapbook - If you feel that the collage just isn't enough, you can go all out and make a scrapbook. Gather pictures of you and dad (and the family) throughout the years and talk about your favorite memories. Get the family to individually write some messages too! :)

For those who prefer practical gifts: What's the point in a gift if he can't use it?
1. Wallet - I noticed with most guys, that they like to use the same wallet over and over even if its already worn. I don't know if it's because they consider it lucky or whatever, but if you feel that his wallet is breaking apart already, this would be a great gift :)

2. Laptop/Cell phone/Tablet case - Is your dad the type who uses these gadgets a lot? Help him protect them with a nice case!

3. Water Jug - Sometimes, busy people forget their health. With that said, sometimes they are too busy to get a glass of water. With this, he can keep hydrated while typing away at work.

4. Bag/Briefcase - To keep all his stuff when he goes out, yes?

5. Desk Organizer - Now, this is something very practical. Heck, I'd love to receive this. Perfect for the office or at home!

6.Something you know he needs but hasn't bought yet - Of course the most practical thing would be something that he needs as of now. Go ask him and get it for him! :)

For those who just need a gift without thinking too much: I'm a busy person! :( I just need to go out and buy something!
1. Shades - Dad probably drives a lot and is exposed to the harsh sun. Get him a nice stylish pair to protect his eyes :D

2. DVD - If there's no nice movie showing, you can get him a DVD of his favorite movie! Spend the day watching it with him :)

3. Food! - As I mentioned earlier, men love food. Go out and buy his favorite dishes from his favorite restaurant! Or you could buy him some healthy snacks or food options to help him take care of himself.

4. Clothes - There are many options for this one. Shirts, neckties, shoes, polo shirts, shorts, cuff links not clothes, but you get the point).

5. Books - If your dad is an avid reader, get him a new book by his favorite author! Or a new book by a new author from his favorite genre. Or, you can get a book that's meant to be given to dads :)

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Do you have any other suggestions? :)

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