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Gothic Lace - Polyore Fashion Set

Gothic Lace by tamershadow featuring heel sandals
Formal cocktail dress

Mojo Moxy heel sandals

A Wear printed bag
$13 -

ASOS cross chain necklace

Blue Nile earrings

Eddie Borgo ring
$550 -

Lanvin necklace
$230 -

TarinaTarantino brooch

Swesky earrings
$31 -


MAC Cosmetics lipstick

Lot\ 26\ Studio\,\ Inc Lot 26 Studio Burnish Birds & Blossoms Vinyl...

Summer Breeze - Polyvore Fashion Post


Fishie Update~! July 2012

It's now been two months since I've had my new pet fishies :) They're so much bigger now! Where as before, I could hardly spot them in their little aquarium, now I can see them even from 5 steps away! I'm so happy that they're doing well. <3

They're so beautiful and adorable :) I love you fishies!

Review Post: The Body Shop Winter Limited Edition Body Butter

What does it do: Moisturize and hydrate skin.

How much: Around Php 1400 (around $33)

Instructions: Apply all over body and gently massage into skin. Best applied after bath or showering.

For those of you who are not familiar with body butters and how they differ from lotions, the simplest way to explain is that: body butters are more intense in terms of moisturizing. So if your skin is super duper dry, body butters are your best bet.

Most body butters are made from more natural ingredients, the most popular being shea butter. Body butters are thicker than regular lotions and therefore don't completely absorb into the skin, but leave a sheen on top and last longer. Lotions are more lightweight and easily absorb into the skin :)

This is a very late review since these were limited edition from last Christmas. But then, these are available every holiday season, so it's better late than never! :)

Texture-wise, these body butters were quite thick. I guess since they were Christmas edi…

Summer Coral - Polyvore Fashion Set

Summer Coral by tamershadow featuring a sleeveless vest
Glamorous maxi dress
$25 -

Silvian Heach sleeveless vest
$67 -

Alejandro Ingelmo leather shoes

Vanessa Bruno leather handbag

Ted Baker aviator sunglasses

Cezanne straw hat
$115 -

Christian Dior nail lacquer

Jigsaw bracelet
$61 -

Etude House Haul 002~!

Hi everyone!

I have another full blown haul from Etude House! I picked up everything I wanted/needed this time so I'm not too sure when I'll be going back (lol really?). If ever I go back soon and there's nothing new, I won't buy much.

I hope! haha! I'm kidding, I want to really branch out to other brands now, so I'll be avoiding Etude except for products that absolutely swear by.

So for this haul, I actually decided to film a video for it. Horrible quality, I hope you all can forgive me since its my first time and I need to get the hang of it :p I think I sat too close to the camera and filmed at a rather late hour hence the bad lighting. I will definitely experiment to fix these problems :)

Pictures after the cut :)

Video here:

Full List:
Bebe elbow mask 1 pc - Php 128 (around $3)
Milk Talk Body Wash Strawberry - Php 298 (around $7)
Any Balm 21 - Php 578 (around $14)
Moistfull Collagen Firming Eye Cream - Php 848 (around $20)
Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Crea…

Picture Post~! I'll miss Makati...

Hello everyone!

I have now successfully changed my job, so I'll no longer be working in Makati. I'll definitely miss the place, the people and the convenience of things. I was a 20 minute walk from Greenbelt, Landmark, Glorietta and SM Makati. Now you know why I go shopping so often :p Also, there were so many places to eat! Wow. I have to get used to another place again... But so far, so good :) I don't get as much exercise now though urgh..

Anyway, enough nostalgia. I have some pictures of my old office that I'd like to share.
The view from the walkway outside
My second (and most used) station
Christmas Decorations

me on the phone
the station i was assigned, a week before I left

The view of the driveway were I waited
While I'll miss the place, the people and even teaching itself, I'm certainly glad I made the change. New challenges, new things to learn and new opportunities~