Etude House Haul 002~!

Hi everyone!

I have another full blown haul from Etude House! I picked up everything I wanted/needed this time so I'm not too sure when I'll be going back (lol really?). If ever I go back soon and there's nothing new, I won't buy much.

I hope! haha! I'm kidding, I want to really branch out to other brands now, so I'll be avoiding Etude except for products that absolutely swear by.

So for this haul, I actually decided to film a video for it. Horrible quality, I hope you all can forgive me since its my first time and I need to get the hang of it :p I think I sat too close to the camera and filmed at a rather late hour hence the bad lighting. I will definitely experiment to fix these problems :)

Pictures after the cut :)

Video here:

Full List:
Bebe elbow mask 1 pc - Php 128 (around $3)
Milk Talk Body Wash Strawberry - Php 298 (around $7)
Any Balm 21 - Php 578 (around $14)
Moistfull Collagen Firming Eye Cream - Php 848 (around $20)
Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Cream 50ml - Php 278 (around $6)
Dear My Crystal Gloss COR202 - Php 348 (around $8)
Shinistar Clear BB Lotion - Php 498 (around $12)
Nail Remover #2 Extra Power - Php 128 (around $3)

Warning! Lots of pictures!

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