Quick Post! Etude House July 2012 GWP

Hi guys~!

This is just a quick post on the Gifts with Purchase from Etude House this month. I passed by they boutique last Friday and asked the salesladies. According to them, the GWP for this month is just the same as last month except for the one for 3k. Last month, it was the Moistfull Collagen 5pc kit. They told me that this month its the Moistfull Collagen White kit.

As for the Department Stores, I went there, but alas the girl stationed there was not there! Wonderful really. But the GWP poster on the counter still listed the same ones from last month.

Php 500 - Pomegranate Mask Sheet
Php 1000 - Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Tissue
Php 2000 - Skin Malgeum kit

Perhaps they haven't been updated yet, or they really are going to have the same freebies. I'll update as soon as I know more :)

UPDATE 07/10/12
The Facebook page has been updated! Why do they take so long to update? :/

Php 500 Pearl/Pomegranate Mask Sheet
Php 1000 Pencil Set (2pcs)
Php 2000 Milk Talk Set (3pcs)
Php 3000 USB Fan

Dept Store:
Php 500 Moistfull Aloe Mask
Php 1000 Shinee Folder
Php 2000 Mini Mat