Review: Watsons Naturals Lip Balm (Plum Black Tea)

What does it do: Provides antioxidant benefits to lips and prevents dry and chapped lips.

How much: Php 89 (around $2)

Instructions: Smooth evenly on lips when required. Apply before bedtime for moisturizing protection throughout the night.

I am a very cautious person when buying lip balm. I'm not as eager to experiment with different brands as I am with make up and other skin care products. This is because I had a very very bad allergic reaction to the brand Chapstick two years ago. I've used Chapstick before when my mom would apply it on my dry lips as a child. But two years ago, the first time I bought one of my own, my lips became swollen and grew up to twice their size! It was extremely itchy, swollen and my lips peeled in the most unattractive way possible. This lasted for 3 days to a week. At first I didnt realize it was because of Chapstick, so I kept using it to fight the dryness that was plaguing my lips. I only realized after a rather long while, that when I put the Chapstick on, the burning feeling wasn't caused by the wounds on my lips, but by the Chapstick itself. The problem was so bad that I suffered extremely dry lips and cheilitis until just a few months ago when I caved and went to a doctor. My lips are fine now, but I am now quite traumatized. I avoid petroleum now. It dried my lips out more.

I bought this because it doesn't contain petroleum. If you read the ingredients on the back, there are hardly any chemicals listed (just BHT and perfume if I'm not misaken).

I've been using this since April of this year and so far my lips are in top shape :) I still get itchy spots and some dryness and peeling when I use a lipstick that my lips don't agree with, but when I apply this, my lips are given some moisture that lasts me until I get my hands on my medicine. It keeps my lips soft and smooth :)

It's small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, and the cap doesn't come off easily.The product itself smells like some sort of berry tea. It smells like berries to me haha! But also reminds me of a tea. It isn't sticky or greasy on your lips and it really does give moisture. It gives hardly any shine, and is good to use under lipstick. The only down side to this is that it has no SPF. :(

Packaging - 5/5
Price - 5/5 
Effect - 5/5
Smell - 3.5/5 
Overall - 3.7/5

This is a great product to try if you're on the hunt for a new lip balm. Its affordable and works really well. A big plus is the fact that it doesn't have a lot of chemicals.

Will I repurchase?
Yes I definitely will :) It's really my go-to lip balm and its quite hard to find affordable, non-chemical lip products nowadays. I really would prefer a lip balm with SPF, so I'm still open to other possibilities, but for now I'm happy :)

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