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Starbucks 2013 Planner~!

Hi Everyone!

I think I'm a little late on the news (compared to those hardcore Starbucks Planner addicts / Starbucks addicts in general), but I'm positively excited for the holidays now that the Christmas seasonal drinks are out!!!

Aside from the usual Peppermint Mocha and Toffee Nut Latte (my favorite!!!), this year sees the return of Dark Cherry Mocha as the third seasonal drink. While I do prefer the White Cranberry Mocha, this one's pretty yummy too :)

The drinks became available at November 03, along with the start of the promo for the much awaited Starbucks 2013 Planner.

The planner comes in three different colors (green, black and white), and the theme this year is "Moments of Connection". I checked it out at the store and I noticed that the planner has a little magnetic lock on the side to close it with. Pretty nifty :)

Aside from that, nothing much stood out as I flipped through it. It has the usual Monthly and Weekly views, different cover designs for ea…

Sleek and Casual - Polyvore Fashion Set


Unexpected Hiatus...

Hello everyone,

I don't know if anyone actually follows this blog since it's pretty new and all that, but nevertheless it's quite obvious that I haven't been updating as often as I should. I even struggled with my weekly Polyvore posts!

The reason is that work has been piling up and I'm still trying my best to adjust. Somehow I feel like there's suddenly so much I have to do and so little time I have to do it! It's so crazy since I used to have too much free time! Hahaha..

Anyway, I've been trying to motivate myself to make that *extra* effort to write and blog more. I don't want my life to just be work, eat and sleep. And besides, I need to share my love for makeup with people other than my poor boyfriend! :p (whose ears are probably bleeding from all my yacking about this shade of lipstick and that shade of blush)

So hopefully in the coming weeks, I shall have more posts up :) I'm preparing my blog posts and the pictures so keep your fingers c…