Food Obsession: Belgian Waffles

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Can we just take a moment here to appreciate some pictures?

These pictures are not mine. All are taken from Pinterest.

Don't they make your mouth water? Sure makes me drool! Haha!

I've always been a fan of Belgian Waffles. I normally used buy them from Starbucks because I loved the whipped cream and syrup. (and I still do!) But of course, it's not exactly the healthiest snack.

Just a few months ago, a colleague of mine got me hooked on something a little different. I may be a little late on the bandwagon here, but I can't get enough of the waffle sandwiches from Famous Belgian Waffles!

Just recently, they opened shop in the building I work at so it became so much more convenient for me to get my hands on their delectable comestibles. Did I mention that they sell coffee too? Delicious Malaysian coffee that's just the perfect blend of bitter and sweet. I love it. They also have a strong version of the coffee which would appeal to those who like their coffee less sweet and more bitter.

See below for the full menu:

Taken from the website of Famous Belgian Waffles

See how they have a wide choice of fillings? You're sure to find something to satisfy your taste. And for an average price of Php 50, it's quite a steal!

They also came out with some new flavors lately:

I'm pretty sure there's one more new flavor that I just can't remember right now. I've tried the Butter Caramel and the Maple Syrup one. The Butter Caramel is full of buttery sweetness and the Maple Syrup one tastes like a pancake! Prior to the new flavors, I used to always order Blueberry Creamcheese 

So much love love love! Just typing this is making me want to go out and buy one.

So have you tried Famous Belgian Waffles? What flavor is your favorite?

And what are your food obsessions lately?

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