Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Hello everyone!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Whether you have a significant other or not, this is usually a great time to give something to the people who mean the most to us. Just to remind them of how much we love them.

Here I've come up with a few simple ideas for those of you who still need a few suggestions :) These are pretty simple and easy especially if you don't have a lot of time on your hands, but are sure to let the important people in your life feel a little bit more special :)


If you prefer to buy something:

1. Buy them something that reminds you of them. It could be a small trinket, a cup of coffee or even a uniquely styled bag. Something that just stands out and brings that person to mind when you see it. Write them a note to attach to the gift explaining how and why that thing represents or reminds you of them. Do this if you know the person quite well.

2. If you don't know the person very well but want to give them something on Valentines, you can't really go wrong with chocolate. Or sweets in general.

3. If you don't really want to think about it, why not take the person out to dinner? Pick a new restaurant or an old favorite. Spa dates are nice too. Just go out and enjoy each other's company.

If you prefer to get creative in the kitchen:

1. Bring out your baking skills! Instead of making the default cookies or brownies, try to get with the spirit of the season by incorporating hearts or pink/red details into the pastries. Instead of round cookies, make them heart shaped. Spell out a secret message on your cupcakes with icing. Or shape cherries into a heart atop a cake!

2. If you would prefer to cook, you can always make that person's favorite food/s. Nothing makes a person happier than good food, right? Or maybe that's just me..

If you prefer to give something more personal/crafty/artistic:

1. Write a list of what you love about them. Decorate it and have it framed. Give it to them so they have something to perk them up everyday.

2. Make a scrapbook of some of yourself with that person and some of your favorite memories together.

3. Make a booklet of your relationship. I did this for my boyfriend. I included our favorite places, foods, memories, what I love about him, what I love about our relationship, etc. :)

4. Make a set of Open When letters. I saw this on Pinterest last year, and I made a set of 30+ for boyfriend's birthday last year. It takes time, but if you've got that and a lot of creativity, I say give it a go! :)

There we go! Just some suggestions from me on what to give people on Valentine's Day. These are things I would give (or have already given) my loved ones :)

What are your plans for Valentine's?

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