Food Obsession: Cereal

Hi Everyone!

I for one, have never been much of a cereal girl. Except when I was like 4-6 years old and my mom tells me I was pretty much obsessed with Nestle Honey Stars. But since then, I just never found any satisfaction in having cereal for breakfast.

However, at the start of 2014, I found myself with a sudden craving for corn flake/oats kinds of cereal. Weird right? Double weirdness, since I used to hate those kinds! I used to find them pretty tasteless and unexciting. Maybe it was because I was trying the wrong kinds.

Then I discovered this in Marks and Spencer: Triple Chocolate Crunch

An excuse to have chocolate for breakfast?? I'm in!

Not exactly the healthiest of cereals to be eating because of all the chocolate, but this was so DELICIOUS. I immediately knew I had to explore the other cereal M&S was selling.

Retails for Php 295 each

(L-R: Strawberry and Almond Crunch, Deliciously Nutty Crunch, Apple and Cinnamon Crunch)

Don't they all look so yummy? What I like about these cereals is that they are a step up from our regular cereals since they include real fruit pieces and nuts, along with the tasty oat clusters. One box carries 500g (!!!) of cereal. The calorie count varies on the cereal, but they're all below 300 calories.

But wait, there's more. More what you ask? I discovered two more yummy cereal options!

Retails at Php310 each

(L: Vanilla Almond R: Mango Peach Passion)

Peace Cereal is one of the cereal brands carried by Healthy Options. This comes with a higher price tag (and only 284g per box), but they have corn flakes together with your fruits/nuts and oat clusters. These cereals really hit that corn flake craving I was having. Plus they gave me a healthy dose of fiber each morning too, if you get my drift *ahem*. What's also nice is that a portion of their profits go to a couple of non-profit organizations so you're helping a good cause :)

I prefer the cereals from Marks and Spencer because they're better value for money and are yummier, but Peace Cereal definitely makes me feel a lot healthier.

Marks and Spencer sometimes has small discounts on their cereals every now and then, so be sure to check every once in a while! :)

What are your favorite cereals? Or if you don't like cereal, what do you usually eat for breakfast?

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