Unboxing: May 2014 BDJ Box!

Hi Everyone!

So this is a very late post. Like, a month late, or more. Holy cow, it's already July! I still can't believe it. Time really flies when you're doing so many things. It's good to really take some time to relax and just be in the "now".

Anyway, even though I'm really off track I am going to show you what I got for my May BDJ box!

Now if you don't know what a BDJ box is, its basically a beauty subscription box brought to us by the lovely people who came up with the Belle de Jour planners. For a monthly fee of Php 580, you get a box full of beauty products delivered straight to your door! It's like a surprise goodie bag every month! You can check out the website: www.bdjbox.com for more details :)

And, on to the unboxing!

Inspirational Stickers :)

A brochure of the products inside along with the descriptions

Vouchers and discount coupons. I especially love the free Avon Bra :)

Organix hair care set samples. I've always wanted to try!

Too Cool for School Pumpkin Sleeping pack. In full size!

Two Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel in Pale Cashmere and Rainforest

A HUGE box of Godiva samples for their Whitening Lotion and Deodorant

Two Dermal face masks

And that's it! Now this is not the first BDJ box I've ordered, and though I did notice that the number of products in this box is a lot less then the other boxes I've received (ex: May 2013 box - that was packed!), I'm still quite happy with what I got. Especially the nail polish - I've been wanting to try Revlon Colorstay for a long time now but just never bit the bullet. Now I get to try it :) I will definitely be ordering again soon.

Do you subscribe to BDJ boxes? What other beauty boxes do you subscribe to?

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