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Press Release: Heads up! Gary V on Novuhair: putting energy into prevention

Nothing describes Gary Valenciano quite like his moniker “Mr. Pure Energy,” He is the very image of youthful vibrance, whether onstage or not. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he values the way he looks the same way that he values the core of who he is: a prayerful, faithful husband, dependable father, and an outstanding entertainer. 
​Part of what makes Gary stay young looking is his head of hair. What many people don’t know is that, like all other men his age, Gary once worried about hair thinning and hair loss. That’s why, at the first signs of the problem, Gary sought to find ways to prevent it from becoming worse.  ​“I first noticed the hair loss in the shower, after I toweled my hair dry. Then one day, my team of hairstylists noticed that my hair was thinning, too. That’s when they told me to look for the product that Fanny Serrano was using, a product called NOVUHAIR,” remarked Gary on his journey to regaining control over his hair loss.

2 of my favorite sunglasses brands

While in other countries the temperature is dropping as they head into the winter months, over here in the Philippines it's as hot as ever. Though it normally isn't that hot around this time of year, the El NiƱo weather pattern has kept the sun shining bright and so glaringly happy that it's hard to leave the house without a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Hey guys!

I know it's been a while since my last post. October was a really hectic month that just plowed right through without leaving me anytime to get personal things done. But anyway, today I'd like to share with you two of my favorite sunglasses brands.

In recent years, I would often go for cheap sunglasses (that don't really have good quality) since I was always afraid of losing or breaking an expensive pair of sunglasses. I've made do with what I could find in random department stores until I discovered Sunnies Studios. Since visiting their store and seeing their many (affordable!) and cut…

Empties: 2015 Body Products

Hi Everyone!

Continuing from where I left off with the last Empties post, here are the body products I was able to use up so far.


1. The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Morocco (Black Olive and Argan Oil Scrub) - I've had this for AGES. It was one of the first products I got from The Body Shop. I loved this product so much I avoided using it unless I had a special occasion. I have a love/hate relationship with the smell, but darn does this thing work well. No matter how many scrubs I've tried, nothing compares.
2. Human Nature Hand and Foot Salve (Strawberry) - I loved the smell of this, it really smelled like fresh strawberries! It did a pretty good job of moisturizing my hands and feet, but tended to become a bit sticky if not rubbed in well. It's all natural so you would also need to pay attention to the expiration date. (Warning: it stinks when expired)
3. Watsons Sakura Bella Hand and Body Lotion - I didn't like this much as the smell was faint and the consiste…

A lovely surprise from BDJ and Olay Philippines~

Hi everyone!

Early last week I was surprised at work with a package from BDJ, and I was very excited to see that it was a little bag with goodies from Olay! (yes, I totally rhymed)

Now, I have always been a fan of Olay products as I use their body washes, moisturizers and eye creams. You can even view one of my recent empties posts wherein I used up my favorite moisturizer ;)
The little bag contained a full size of their Deep Moisture Body Wash which I was so so excited to try since I loved their Age Defying Moisturizing Body Wash (empties on that coming up soon). It also came with a sample size of their Total Effects Day Cream.

I'm a total body wash junkie; I've tried so many body washes - yet so far nothing comes close to the quality of Olay! Their Deep Moisture Body Wash lathers so well, even better than some more expensive body washes. A pea size amount was enough for my whole body, which means that 200ml will last quite a while. Using this also left my skin feeling super …

It's getting colder


Empties: 2015 Hair Products

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to part two of my empties post series! This week will feature hair products I used up. I have a lot since I was trying to get rid of a lot of my half used bottles. I refused to buy anything new until I finished up some old stuff! I am pretty proud of myself hihi :)


1. Samples of Hana Shampoo (Soft and Silky and Anti Hairfall) - loved this especially the Soft and Silky variant 2. Sample of an old Kerastase Hair Mask (Nutri - Thermique) - this is an old mask my office mate gave to me that I forgot existed. I loved this, does anyone know if it's still available? I cant find it :( 3. Sample of an old L'oreal Hair Mask (Liss Ultime) - another from that office mate, I didn't like this as much as the Kerastase one. 4. Pantene Pro - V Silky Smooth Care Daily Treatment - this is another old bottle from the time this was limited edition and I hoarded. I love this, it rescues my hair when it becomes super dry and frizzy. It's too strong for my ha…

Empties: 2015 Face Products

Hi Everyone!

Apparently I used up a lot of products since my last empties post because my little empties bag was overflowing already! So I'm back with another empties post :)

As there are a lot of products to talk about, I'll be splitting the post up into a series of four.

For this week, I'll do face products. Let's jump right into it!


1. Watsons Round Puffs - My go-to cotton pads. I've mentioned these so many times already, I'm sure you don't want to hear about it anymore :p
2. Silk Secrets Organics (Apricot) - Another long time favorite. They're cheap and they work. I use this to remove make up swatches and clean my face on days I don't wear much makeup.
3. Etude House Happy Teatime Cleansing Foam (Green Tea) - I bought this so long ago I can't even remember when! Heck, I don't think they even sell this anymore (do they?). I liked this cleanser since it made my face feel really clean and it smelled like green tea ♥♥♥ It was a…

How I: Fix melted lipstick

Hi Everyone!

Have you ever experienced twisting up your favorite tube of lipstick, only to find that it has either melted in the heat, or broken for some reason? Have you ever felt the devastation of having to throw away an otherwise perfectly good lipstick?

Well, I have. Around a year ago, a few of my lipsticks melted in the heat of last summer. I was able to document how I salvaged them.

If you're interested to see how I saved my melted lipsticks, keep on reading! :)

Mint Casual


How I: Deal with pimples and acne

Hi Everyone!

I've recently been having to deal with some pretty bad breakouts. I'm not sure if it's my hormonal imbalance acting up, the humidity+oil on my face or something else but whatever it is, it's been causing a number of pimples and cystic acne on my chin, forehead and nose. What terrible places to have blemishes!

Anyway, so aside from making sure I cleanse my face every morning and night, I also use spot treatments to help dry out the blemish faster.

Two products that I use for these are Human Nature's Acne Defense Tea Tree Solution Gel and Garnier's Pure Active Anti-Imperfections Roll-On. Both of these products work wonderfully at getting rid of my blemish problems.

The Human Nature gel works wonders on all sorts of acne, from tiny ones to bigger cystic ones like what I have to deal with occasionally. For tiny pimples, I find that this dries them out in a day or two of applying it once a day. For cystic acne, I usually have to put this on regularly ev…

Will you marry me?


Pick me up: Chewy Graham Bars

Hi Everyone!

The past few days have had me feeling lazy and distracted. I can't seem to get myself to sit and write. It could be the weather, my hormones or perhaps my lack of sleep the past week - but whatever it is, it sure is making sure that I'm a procrastinating bum.

Usually when I feel like this, I usually look for sweet things to try and get my energy up. My colleague then introduced me to these delicious Chewy Graham Bars by the baking momma.

Doesn't that look delicious? These treats are the perfect blend of sweet and chewy, great for satisfying those cravings! It's not only topped with marshmallows, but it has marshmallow filling as well.

 Who else here loves marshmallows??
Usually when I'm hungry, these manage to tame my tummy without ruining my appetite.Those who aren't fond of sweets however, might not be able to consume a lot of these. My mom ate one and liked it, but didn't want to eat another because she said it was sweet :/ My sister on the o…

The Body Shop Haul

Hi Everyone!

The Body Shop is currently celebrating it's 19th birthday/anniversary with a big sale! Naturally, I had to drop by :) I was able to pick up a few things while I was there.

Shower Gel got all bubbly when I dropped it accidentally lol

Moringa Soap and Shea Soap These two soaps came as a set that was only P190, which is normally the cost of one bar of soap. I really love their Shea scent! 

Apple Blossom Shower Gel I got the 200ml size for only P135! Such a steal since it's normally P400+ so I bought one for myself and for boyfriend (whom I've recently converted to the wonders of shower gel)

Color Crush Eye Shadow in Blackcurrant Affair This was only P179 from P595! Such a crazy discount, I couldn't resist picking this one up. Even if god knows I have way too many eye shadows, especially purple ones.
Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Now, this wasn't on sale at P95, but I decided to pick this up out of curiosity! I've stuck to using my St Ives Apricot Scrub for s…

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My Favorite Spring/Summer Eye Shadows (Neutrals)

Hi Everyone!
I have always been a fan of darker colors, both with fashion choices and with makeup. I love a good grey eye shadow just as much as I love my black tops (which I have way too many of).
But for this season, I'm switching it up by going for lighter colors on my lids. With the sweltering heat of Manila, I actually don't like wearing a lot of makeup during the summer months. But when I feel like wearing eye shadow, I choose neutral shades to keep my makeup look fresh.
Below are my top picks for neutral eye shadows for Spring/Summer:

NYX Adorable Shadow Palette A palette of six eye shadows that can create either a nude day look or a natural smokey night look. I love the light brown shade! It's the type of color that isn't noticeable but definitely makes you look a bit more put together.
Wet N Wild Eye Shadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells Palette of 3 eye shadows that are perfect for a natural make up look - my personal fave! That bottom shade is a dupe for MAC…

It's almost my birthday...


My Current Holy Grail Hair Products

Hi Everyone!

I haven't cut my hair in 2 and a half years. I know, super cray and isn't my hair a dry mess yet? Well, it sort of is and I need to have a haircut soon. (Or I probably will have already cut my hair when this post goes live). But in the meantime, let me share with you the products I've been using to keep my mane under control (ish).

Lucido-L Night Treatment Oil (Perm) A leave on overnight treatment for permed hair to maintain curls. Okay, let's get this straight. I don't have permed hair, I have naturally wavy hair. But I got this in my BDJbox last Jan/Feb, so I thought I would use it since I have curls anyway. It makes my hair less dry, so I'm quite happy with it.
Patene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner (Total Damage Control) Repairs brittle and damaged hair. This conditioner has the most amazing smell EVER. I can't emphasize how good this thing smells. Also, I can agree it definitely works miracles. My hair is super smooth and silky after using this…

City pink


App Post: Daily Workouts Free

Hi Everyone!
I am officially feeling summer here in the Philippines, with sweat literally dripping down my neck even if I'm indoors and not doing anything. Okay, eww and TMI sorry, haha!
With this kind of weather, it means that beach season is also around the corner. How are your abs looking? Mine are in need of some extra toning. That's where this app comes in:
I love this workout app since its simple and gives you control over your workout. And it works! I sweat and I feel my muscles working. I think it's great for both beginners and others who work out regularly but need something that would fit a busy schedule.

You can choose what body part you would like to work out and you can also set how long your workout will be, as well as how many reps.
The cardio workout (8 min) left my heart on fire and my skin drenched in sweat. And the butt workout? My goodness, the pain! 
If you're a beginner, this app makes it easy to ease some exercise into your everyday routine. You…

App Post: Water Balance

Hi Everyone!

If you liked my other App Post on Hydro, an app to track your water intake and remind you to drink water (you can read the post over here), you're going to find this interesting.

We have been told time and time again that our bodies are mostly made up of water, and yet many of us do not drink as much water as we should. In my opinion, mainly it is because we fail to actually realize how crucial it is for the body to have enough water. It's something taken for granted.

The app Water Balance creates a nice visual for you to see if you're getting enough water. The image fills up with water as you record your intake AND (!!) decreases if you drink something that increases the excretion of water (diuretic drinks) like coffee or alcohol. The blue of the water is so pretty it makes me want to fill the image up lol.

Aside from that, it also includes useful information about water and its benefits. So you learn more about how important it is for you :)

This app is free…

DAILYLOOK: LBD Spring Style Challenge

Hi Everyone!

Recently, I was inspired by DailyLook to join their LBD Spring Style Challenge. I was absolutely thrilled!

So I came up with my ideal spring outfit, incorporating some of my favorite Spring trends of 2015.

Black Lace - LBD Spring Style Challenge with Sunnies Studios, Tularosa, DailyLook

Review: Beauty Buffet Cherry Blossom Whitening Facial Mask

What does it do: A mask with Cherry Blossom extract, Vitamin C and other natural extracts to even out skin tone, moisturize and create a fairer healthier glow to the skin.
How much: Php 39

Instructions: Place mask sheet on cleansed face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. After removing the mask, massage remaining essence into the skin.

Amount: 23 ml

I'm a bit of a sucker for Cherry Blossom themed things. Anything that's "cherry blossom" scented or even cherry blossom designed (those recent Starbucks tumblers!!) are sure to catch my eye. It's really funny since I actually don't know what one smells like! I may have majored in Japanese studies, but I have never had the opportunity to visit the country. Nevertheless, I know the symbolic importance of Sakura in their culture. It really is a very beautifully delicate flower.

Anyway enough ramble, so now you all know why I picked this particular mask up!

The scent of the mask is something I would describe as a fruity flo…

Crop tops are made for Summer


Empties~ 2014

Hi Everyone!

Today's post is a pretty late one of the products I've used up in the past year. Or well, the products I remembered to put aside anyway :p

I usually limit my empties posts to beauty/bath/skin care/ hair related items.

Corporate Colorblocking


The Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by Grace of Grace Takes Photos I'm very happy and grateful for this :) You can view her post over here.
The Rules Thank the person who gave you this award, and leave a link to their blog.Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.
7 Things I get a migraine whenever I drink coffee. But I really love coffee :( So I'm forced to get it decaf.I'm very paranoid about unlocked doorsI like doing different voices/impressions/accents. When I was thirteen, I dislocated my knee and tore most of the ligaments. Took me years to be able to function normally, but my knee has never been the same :(I studied in an all girls school from kindergarten to high school. I think it secretly explains why I'm so weird sometimes.I do not enjoy chewing gum. I tend to speak really fast when excited or irritated.

The Nominees
Gem from W…

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Review: Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner

What does it do: Longwear eye liner glides on effortlessly for drama and definition. No matter what your day holds, the waterproof formula will keep you covered. Wears for 16 hours.

How much: Php 475

Amount: .28g

I absolutely love playing up my eyes. It's one of the things I'm really good at (I suck at applying blush, don't judge) and it's also one of those things that make a big impact on your face. That said, eyeliner alone can already change up your whole look. You can make your eyes bigger (tightlining), smaller (lining the waterline), more lifted (cat eye) and so much more!

Personally I love lining my waterline as it creates such an intense look for the eyes. I have oily eyelids so I need a liner that is waterproof and smudge proof. I have heard so much about the eyeliners from Nars, Bobbi Brown, Make up For Ever and MAC, but not everyone has the money to spare for these high end options. So I turned to the drugstore (actually, SM department Store lol) for a more af…

Hello Summer


Today's Picks: Makeup

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to share my makeup picks this morning:

Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto mascara - my favorite mascara! MAC lipstick in Bombshell Pixy blush in Passion Roses Etude House Look at my Eyes eye shadow in GR002  Maybelline Master Liner in Black/Brown

Sorry I don't have a picture of the products on my face (I forgot to take one) and I looked horribly haggard at the end of the day (it was very stressful and irritating day). But I blended the eye shadow into my crease and smoked out my liner. The result was a subtle day smokey eye which I'm loving right now. Then a light pink blush and lip color for an office appropriate look.

What makeup are you wearing today? :)

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Marsala 04


App Post: Pedometers

Hi Everyone!
They say you should take 10,000 steps a day to be healthy. For a person like me who spends most of the day seated, this seems like such a daunting task. How can I fit 10,000 steps into one day?
Enter Pedometer Apps! You'd be surprised at how many steps you actually take in a day. I average around 5000-6000 on a normal day, but on Saturdays I usually break the 10,000 step goal! :) 
Lately since I just got a new phone, I've actually been using S Health since it came pre-installed already. But for those of you who don't have S Health, I have a few suggestions on some pedometers I've tried before S Health.

Pedometer 2.0
This is a very simple pedometer app. It counts your steps and also measures the distance walked. It also takes note of your average speed and indicates the calories burned based on your height and weight.

This is a great fitness app for those who like to go out and exercise. This app can help you track almost all of your cardio workout…