App Post: Hydro

Hi Everyone!

I'm back with another app post.

Do any of you have trouble remembering to drink water? I sure do. With the pressures of work and other matters, drinking water seems to fall pretty low on my priority list. Although it's always been a goal of mine (or a lame excuse for one anyway) to make it a habit to drink water, I just keep forgetting!

Then I discovered this app:

Hydro is an App available for Android devices. It basically helps calculate how much water you need based on your lifestyle, weight and weather. It also helps you monitor your water intake, and reminds you to drink water. How awesome is that?

It's a simple app, very easy to use, and it doesn't take up a lot of space on your phone. And it's free! ;)

What about you? Do you also forget to drink water as often as I do?

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