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Review: Watsons Face Mask in Aloe Vera (moisturizing)

What does it do: This specially formulated mask contains aloe vera extract and vitamin c to naturally whiten and moisturize your skin. Leaves your skin fairer and more radiant.

How much: Php 39

Instructions: Gently place mask over cleansed face. Leave for 15 - 30 minutes and then remove. Massage remaining fluid into face. No need to rinse. Discard mask after use.

Amount: 30 ml

Sheet masks are pretty common nowadays since the rise of Korean and Japanese skin care products. And while some masks can get pretty pricey, Watsons offers a great variety of masks at such an affordable price.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the packet was the smell. It wasn't exactly a bad smell for me, nor was it a good one. It was slightly powdery and "clean" and also smelled slighting of rubbing alcohol. I was a little apprehensive with the alcohol smell.

The packet is also full of the mask essence. I'm not kidding! There was so much product that when I lifted the mask out, it was drip…

Unboxing: BDJ Box Jan - Feb 2015

Hi Everyone!
I'm here with a post on the first BDJ box of the year!

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Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening Cleanser in Mulberry

What does it do: Cleans deep down into pores with a self - dispensing luxurious foam while helping reveal visibly brighter skin.

How much: I've forgotten the exact price, but it's around the Php 300-400 mark

Instructions: I'm sure you know how to wash your face right? :p

Amount: 175 ml

I've actually bought this cleanser a few years ago when I heard a number of beauty gurus on Youtube raving about it. It's a little bit pricier for a drugstore cleanser in my opinion so I kept putting it of until it was on sale; hence me not being able to remember the correct price.

What came really unexpected for me was the fact that although the bottle contains a liquid, when you pump it out it becomes foam! Hahaha! It was a moment for me because even if I read it was a foam cleanser I wasn't expecting foam to actually come out (loser okay I know). I was perhaps a little bit too excited when I found out.

Can someone please explain how the mechanism transforms it? hahaha
Can we also …

Valentine's Day Idea


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