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Hi Everyone!

They say you should take 10,000 steps a day to be healthy. For a person like me who spends most of the day seated, this seems like such a daunting task. How can I fit 10,000 steps into one day?

Enter Pedometer Apps! You'd be surprised at how many steps you actually take in a day. I average around 5000-6000 on a normal day, but on Saturdays I usually break the 10,000 step goal! :) 

Lately since I just got a new phone, I've actually been using S Health since it came pre-installed already. But for those of you who don't have S Health, I have a few suggestions on some pedometers I've tried before S Health.

Pedometer 2.0

This is a very simple pedometer app. It counts your steps and also measures the distance walked. It also takes note of your average speed and indicates the calories burned based on your height and weight.


This is a great fitness app for those who like to go out and exercise. This app can help you track almost all of your cardio workouts, both indoor and outdoor. It can use your GPS to map out your routes while you run/walk/bike. It can also integrate with your music apps so you can listen while exercising. This is all aside from counting your distance and calories burned.


This one is pretty similar to RunKeeper but without the fuss. It's good for exercising both outside and inside since it counts your steps and distance and the duration of the exercise. It can also integrate with your music app. The downside to this one is that many of the other features (like calories burned counter) are only for Pro users. Still, the free version gets the job done.

I chose these apps since they are relatively simple and don't take up much space on the device. They are what I used on my other phone for when I wanted to count my steps :)

What about you? Do you use a pedometer app or device?

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