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App Post: Daily Workouts Free

Hi Everyone!
I am officially feeling summer here in the Philippines, with sweat literally dripping down my neck even if I'm indoors and not doing anything. Okay, eww and TMI sorry, haha!
With this kind of weather, it means that beach season is also around the corner. How are your abs looking? Mine are in need of some extra toning. That's where this app comes in:
I love this workout app since its simple and gives you control over your workout. And it works! I sweat and I feel my muscles working. I think it's great for both beginners and others who work out regularly but need something that would fit a busy schedule.

You can choose what body part you would like to work out and you can also set how long your workout will be, as well as how many reps.
The cardio workout (8 min) left my heart on fire and my skin drenched in sweat. And the butt workout? My goodness, the pain! 
If you're a beginner, this app makes it easy to ease some exercise into your everyday routine. You…

App Post: Water Balance

Hi Everyone!

If you liked my other App Post on Hydro, an app to track your water intake and remind you to drink water (you can read the post over here), you're going to find this interesting.

We have been told time and time again that our bodies are mostly made up of water, and yet many of us do not drink as much water as we should. In my opinion, mainly it is because we fail to actually realize how crucial it is for the body to have enough water. It's something taken for granted.

The app Water Balance creates a nice visual for you to see if you're getting enough water. The image fills up with water as you record your intake AND (!!) decreases if you drink something that increases the excretion of water (diuretic drinks) like coffee or alcohol. The blue of the water is so pretty it makes me want to fill the image up lol.

Aside from that, it also includes useful information about water and its benefits. So you learn more about how important it is for you :)

This app is free…

DAILYLOOK: LBD Spring Style Challenge

Hi Everyone!

Recently, I was inspired by DailyLook to join their LBD Spring Style Challenge. I was absolutely thrilled!

So I came up with my ideal spring outfit, incorporating some of my favorite Spring trends of 2015.

Black Lace - LBD Spring Style Challenge with Sunnies Studios, Tularosa, DailyLook

Review: Beauty Buffet Cherry Blossom Whitening Facial Mask

What does it do: A mask with Cherry Blossom extract, Vitamin C and other natural extracts to even out skin tone, moisturize and create a fairer healthier glow to the skin.
How much: Php 39

Instructions: Place mask sheet on cleansed face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. After removing the mask, massage remaining essence into the skin.

Amount: 23 ml

I'm a bit of a sucker for Cherry Blossom themed things. Anything that's "cherry blossom" scented or even cherry blossom designed (those recent Starbucks tumblers!!) are sure to catch my eye. It's really funny since I actually don't know what one smells like! I may have majored in Japanese studies, but I have never had the opportunity to visit the country. Nevertheless, I know the symbolic importance of Sakura in their culture. It really is a very beautifully delicate flower.

Anyway enough ramble, so now you all know why I picked this particular mask up!

The scent of the mask is something I would describe as a fruity flo…

Crop tops are made for Summer