App Post: Daily Workouts Free

Hi Everyone!

I am officially feeling summer here in the Philippines, with sweat literally dripping down my neck even if I'm indoors and not doing anything. Okay, eww and TMI sorry, haha!

With this kind of weather, it means that beach season is also around the corner. How are your abs looking? Mine are in need of some extra toning. That's where this app comes in:

I love this workout app since its simple and gives you control over your workout. And it works! I sweat and I feel my muscles working. I think it's great for both beginners and others who work out regularly but need something that would fit a busy schedule.

You can choose what body part you would like to work out and you can also set how long your workout will be, as well as how many reps.

The cardio workout (8 min) left my heart on fire and my skin drenched in sweat. And the butt workout? My goodness, the pain! 

If you're a beginner, this app makes it easy to ease some exercise into your everyday routine. You don't have an excuse if the workout only takes 5 minutes! :) Give it a shot!

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