Pick me up: Chewy Graham Bars

Hi Everyone!

The past few days have had me feeling lazy and distracted. I can't seem to get myself to sit and write. It could be the weather, my hormones or perhaps my lack of sleep the past week - but whatever it is, it sure is making sure that I'm a procrastinating bum.

Usually when I feel like this, I usually look for sweet things to try and get my energy up. My colleague then introduced me to these delicious Chewy Graham Bars by the baking momma.

Doesn't that look delicious? These treats are the perfect blend of sweet and chewy, great for satisfying those cravings! It's not only topped with marshmallows, but it has marshmallow filling as well.

 Who else here loves marshmallows??

Usually when I'm hungry, these manage to tame my tummy without ruining my appetite.Those who aren't fond of sweets however, might not be able to consume a lot of these. My mom ate one and liked it, but didn't want to eat another because she said it was sweet :/ My sister on the other hand, finished a whole box in one day! And she still wanted more haha!

The baking momma also has other desserts (like Choco Graham Balls and Choco Butterscotch Brownies) that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth! A box of 8 pieces is Php 80 while a box of 10 pieces is Php 100. It's worth it I promise!! :)You can check out her other stuff on her instagram page. To order, you can contact the numbers indicated on the picture of the box above and on her instagram page

What about you guys, are you fond of sweets? What are your favorite desserts? :)

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The above mentioned product was bought with my own money and I received no compensation for this review. All opinions are my own.

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