The Body Shop Haul

Hi Everyone!

The Body Shop is currently celebrating it's 19th birthday/anniversary with a big sale! Naturally, I had to drop by :) I was able to pick up a few things while I was there.

Shower Gel got all bubbly when I dropped it accidentally lol

Moringa Soap and Shea Soap
These two soaps came as a set that was only P190, which is normally the cost of one bar of soap. I really love their Shea scent! 

Apple Blossom Shower Gel
I got the 200ml size for only P135! Such a steal since it's normally P400+ so I bought one for myself and for boyfriend (whom I've recently converted to the wonders of shower gel)

Color Crush Eye Shadow in Blackcurrant Affair
This was only P179 from P595! Such a crazy discount, I couldn't resist picking this one up. Even if god knows I have way too many eye shadows, especially purple ones.

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion
Now, this wasn't on sale at P95, but I decided to pick this up out of curiosity! I've stuck to using my St Ives Apricot Scrub for so many years, so I thought I'd try something new :)

I was also able to find Ben! If you find their adorable British guard mascot hiding behind the products, you'll get a prize from Body Shop. And if you upload your "find Ben" picture to social media (I uploaded to Twitter and Instagram, but you can also do it through Facebook), you stand a chance to win P5000 worth of products from The Body Shop. Now that's a great way to celebrate ;) 

What are some of your favorite products from The Body Shop?

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