How I: Fix melted lipstick

Hi Everyone!

Have you ever experienced twisting up your favorite tube of lipstick, only to find that it has either melted in the heat, or broken for some reason? Have you ever felt the devastation of having to throw away an otherwise perfectly good lipstick?

Well, I have. Around a year ago, a few of my lipsticks melted in the heat of last summer. I was able to document how I salvaged them.

If you're interested to see how I saved my melted lipsticks, keep on reading! :)

Things you will need:

1. Your broken/melted lipstick


2. Container for the lipstick. I'm using these stackable cream jars that I found at Watsons.

3. Popsicle stick

First, you're going to take your popsicle stick and use that to transfer the lipstick into your container. I used it like a knife to "chop" the lipstick off and into the pot.

Don't forget to scrape every last bit out of the tube so you don't waste any product! :)

Might be a good idea to also label your little container before you put the lipstick in, although there
is no harm in doing it after :) I used plain magic tape as a label and then wrote the brand and shade of the lipstick on it. After that, you're pretty much done! On to the next lipstick :)

To make it look less yucky and more smooth like a lip balm, you can stick in in the microwave for a short while to melt the lipstick further. I didn't really bother with that step anymore since the appearance doesn't bother me.

Tada! And now your ruined lipstick is just as good as new; albeit in a new liquid lip stick/balm form. The pigment is actually a lot stronger now. I apply with either my fingers or a lip brush.

Thanks for reading! What do you do with your melted lipstick?

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