Empties: 2015 Hair Products

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to part two of my empties post series! This week will feature hair products I used up. I have a lot since I was trying to get rid of a lot of my half used bottles. I refused to buy anything new until I finished up some old stuff! I am pretty proud of myself hihi :)


1. Samples of Hana Shampoo (Soft and Silky and Anti Hairfall) - loved this especially the Soft and Silky variant
2. Sample of an old Kerastase Hair Mask (Nutri - Thermique) - this is an old mask my office mate gave to me that I forgot existed. I loved this, does anyone know if it's still available? I cant find it :(
3. Sample of an old L'oreal Hair Mask (Liss Ultime) - another from that office mate, I didn't like this as much as the Kerastase one.
4. Pantene Pro - V Silky Smooth Care Daily Treatment - this is another old bottle from the time this was limited edition and I hoarded. I love this, it rescues my hair when it becomes super dry and frizzy. It's too strong for my hair to be used everyday, so I only use when necessary.
5. Pantene Pro - V Shampoo (Total Damage Care) - I liked this, but it did not do anything miraculous for my hair. I used this prior to my haircut, when I had long hair that hadn't been cut in two years.
5. Syoss Shampoo (Anti - Dandruff) - I had problems with an itchy scalp, yet also wanted to try this new shampoo I seemed to see everywhere! It was definitely nowhere near good ol' Nizoral (what was I expecting really) and seemed to make my dandruff worse if I used it everyday! I stuck it out just to finish it. Not buying this again sadly :(
6. Syoss Shampoo (Repair) - This also did not do anything miraculous for my dry hair, but did not give me an itchy scalp. Pretty decent shampoo.
7. Celeteque Hair and Scalp Care Clarifying Shampoo - I love this. I use it once a week to really clean my hair of residue and gunk from the whole week. It makes my hair feel so clean and so light! Definitely keeps the hair healthy and I strongly recommend this product :)
8. Hana Shampoo (Soft and Silky) - I loved the sample so much that I caved and bought the whole bottle! My whole family loves this, it makes your hair so soft and smooth. As a bonus, it smells great too!

Whew! That was quite the list. I still have more to come! Stay tuned :)

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