A lovely surprise from BDJ and Olay Philippines~

Hi everyone!

Early last week I was surprised at work with a package from BDJ, and I was very excited to see that it was a little bag with goodies from Olay! (yes, I totally rhymed)

Now, I have always been a fan of Olay products as I use their body washes, moisturizers and eye creams. You can even view one of my recent empties posts wherein I used up my favorite moisturizer ;)

The little bag contained a full size of their Deep Moisture Body Wash which I was so so excited to try since I loved their Age Defying Moisturizing Body Wash (empties on that coming up soon). It also came with a sample size of their Total Effects Day Cream.

I'm a total body wash junkie; I've tried so many body washes - yet so far nothing comes close to the quality of Olay! Their Deep Moisture Body Wash lathers so well, even better than some more expensive body washes. A pea size amount was enough for my whole body, which means that 200ml will last quite a while. Using this also left my skin feeling super smooth and clean at the same time. I felt like I didn't need to put lotion anymore, which is really something since my skin (especially my legs) tends to get a bit dry. And did I mention the scent? I just can't get over how good this smells! It's like a clean fruity floral scent that's so feminine and amazing!

I'm no stranger to the Total Effects line from Olay since I have been using their eye cream for a while, but I had never tried the day cream before now. I was surprised to find that the Total Effects Day Cream had a scent, since the Olay moisturizer I use (All in One Fairness Day Cream) does not have a strong scent. Not complaining though, as it smells really nice (slightly powdery but not overwhelmingly so) and scented products do not bother me. This day cream did not disappoint as it absorbed into my skin quickly and left no sticky or oily feeling at all. My face was smooth to touch and felt very moisturized. The SPF factor is always a plus and the fact that this cream also has anti-ageing properties? Sure A+ rating in my book.

Overall, I am very very happy with these products and will definitely go out to purchase these myself when I run out. Thank you to BDJ and Olay for the chance for me to "Be my Best Beautiful"!

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