Bargain Alert!: Shawill Collagen Rosy Touch Blusher

Hi Everyone!

Is there anyone who doesn't appreciate a good deal?

Sometime last year, I stumbled upon this hidden gem at the department store beauty section.

Shawill is a local Philippine brand that has been around for quite some time. I admit that prior to discovering this blush, I had ignored the brand in favor of those that were more well known.

What really caught my attention was the packaging, it reminded me a lot of the Milani baked blushes. It has the same neutral color design, and when you lift up the top portion holding the blush, it reveals the lower compartment that with the mirror and little brush.


Here it is side by side with one of my Milani baked blushes. The Milani blush is in Bella Rosa if anyone's wondering.

L: Shawill R: Milani

L: Milani R: Shawill

L: Milani R: Shawill

The packaging of the Milani one in comparison, is a lot sturdier and doesn't feel cheap. That said however, the packaging of the Shawill one is pretty decent, especially considering the price you pay for this little gem.

Because all I paid for this is Php 165.00 Am I serious? Damn straight I am. Not bad eh?

Not only that, the quality isn't bad either. The shade I have is 004 which is a beautiful matte coral color. I have a few swatches in different lighting settings for you below:

And here it is worn on my cheeks, all blended in. I hope you can see it. It creates a natural flush to the cheeks that I absolutely love. Staying power was nothing outstanding, but is no different from most other powder blushes.

Here's the list of ingredients on the back of the box for those who would like to check.

I am definitely going to check out the other colors in this line, and of course other Shawill products as well. I think that the price is really unbeatable, while the quality of the product is just like its higher priced counter parts. If you're in the market for a new blush to try, I strongly recommend checking out Shawill in your nearest mall department store. I got mine at SM :)

Have you tried other products from this brand? What are some bargains that you've found recently?

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