New and Upcoming in the PH: JP Beauty Secrets

Hey everyone!

Late last year, I attended a product launch event of a brand called Jordan's Premier Beauty Secrets. This post is quite late (understatement I know), but it had slipped my mind when the pictures got buried in my files.

Beauty Secrets began in 2004, and is already available in 65 countries. They are known for their range of  products made from Dead Sea materials  like mud, minerals, salts to name a few, and they will soon be launching their products in major malls in the Philippines! How exciting!

They use all natural ingredients and their products contain various minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium, among others. What surprised me was during the demonstration of the products, we were told we could even try to taste the Dead Sea salt scrub! (It tasted like slightly salty and bitter soap by the way lol) If the product was safe for us to try to taste, I think it's safe to believe that no harmful chemicals are in these for sure. I also learned that Dead Sea salt tastes different from regular salt - it really does taste bitter

Aside from facial and body mud masks, they also have body scrubs and soaps made with Dead Sea Salts, and even lotions, gels, oils and creams rich with Dead Sea minerals. We were informed that they have over 120+ products for the face and body.

I mentioned earlier that we were given a demonstration of the products and I will share a few pictures below showing the usage of one of their facial mud masks.

Cleaning face and removing makeup

Apply some of the mud to back of palm

Apply a thin layer all over the face. It was suggested to apply a thicker layer on the T Zone. Then let try for 15-20 mins

Once dry, DONT wash it off! They advised us that the correct way to remove your mud mask is to gently rub it off to exfoliate the skin.

The picture doesn't justify how her skin was literally glowing and so smooth after that mask!

The presenter said that their masks are meant to be used weekly, but if you have oily skin - you could use it twice a week. It was also said to help with those who have eczema. He also showed a demonstration of a body scrub and lotion on the girl's arms and hands, but I wasn't able to get pictures  nor try it myself (poo).

After all that came the super super fun part (for me anyway), the FOOD! Hehehe... I absolutely love trying new cuisines so the fact that it was Mediterranean cuisine and I had never really tried it before made me so excited!

This is just half of what they served. Couldn't get a picture of the other side since there was a line.  It was literally a FEAST.

Boyfriend's plate 
(yes, he came with me and was my secretary while I was taking pictures lol <3)

My heaping plate (don't judge)

The crab was amazing, the best I've ever tasted. Oh my goodness, I still can't get over it even months later. I really did like the food. The event was held at Al Batra Restaurant in Makati, as the President of Beauty Secrets also owns Al Batra.

We were given samples of their products that I will blog about soon. Please stay tuned for it! :) I'll end here with a picture of me awkwardly standing next to the three tall, pretty models who were there during the launch.

I am so tiny and awkward

You can check out their website at or their Social Media pages on Instagram and Facebook.

Have you ever tried products made with Dead Sea Salt or Mud? Tell me about it below! :)

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