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Outfit Idea: What to wear if summer weather is moody

Casual Summer Outfit Post

If summer's a little chilly.. by tamershadow
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Which is better: Comparing Vaseline vs Nivea Whitening Lotion

Hi Everyone!

Around a month ago, I suddenly noticed how the skin on my arms and legs had become very dry. I also realized that certain parts of my skin were darker than the rest of my body; usually the parts under the sun when I'm riding in a car, like my knees. Now, I haven't exactly been as religious with my sunblock as I should have (I slowly stopped after college for reasons unknown), but I knew it would take more than just sunblock to get my skin back to what it was. I figured I needed to find one of those whitening lotions.

I cringe inside just typing that; I have haven't been one to use whitening products. I don't believe being fair is supposed to make people instantly 'prettier' or if those products actually work (those whitening claims can be outrageous!). Regardless, parts of my skin were darker than the rest of me and I needed to even my skin out.
In the department store, these two lotions caught my eye:
L: Nivea White&Repair UV Body Lotion R: Va…

First Impressions: New Skin Whitening Bar from Olay

Hi Everyone!

I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when I was handed a package at work and I opened it to find a gift from BDJ and Olay Philippines.