First Impressions: New Skin Whitening Bar from Olay

Hi Everyone!

I was pleasantly surprised a few weeks ago when I was handed a package at work and I opened it to find a gift from BDJ and Olay Philippines.

Ohhhh, soap! Nice smelling soap! That was my initial reaction. Reading the claims however, piqued my interest at how special this bar could really be. What makes it different from the other cleansing products we have to bathe with?

Olay's new Skin Whitening Bar (with Rose and Milk) promises Natural White Skin from the first use and even calls it the "one wash wonder" (complete with a hashtag guys, it's serious). Whitening products are nothing new in the market, but when something claims to produce results from the get go - it makes you curious.

I personally have not used an actual bar of soap in the longest time since I prefer using body washes and shower gels. A good number of soaps I used to use would make me itchy so I stopped using them. I was a bit hesitant to try this, but since I've been using other Olay products without a problem, I figured it should be pretty safe. The soap itself is a lovely girly pink color and smells so... feminine. That's how I would describe it. It's a soft floral scent that I really like.

Aaaaaand after a few days of using it I am very happy to report that I haven't been experiencing any rashes or itchiness so far. As for the whitening aspect though, well I have yet to see any significant result. I don't want to say that its claims are just a marketing strategy because it might produce different results for other people, but for me personally.. I'm still to see any change in the fairness of my skin.

I will continue to use this in hopes that it does have long term whitening effects. On a side note, I did notice that my skin became incredibly smooth after using this soap. I feel so clean and soft after using this and its more than enough reason actually for me to buy this in the future :)

The timing of this product as actually pretty good as I have recently been in need of something to even out my skin tone. More on that in another post, that I had actually meant to post today but I decided to put this one up first. Stay tuned for it in the coming weeks! ;)

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