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Change the way you see Beauty

Our world is obsessed with everything beautiful. From our stone age ancestors up until the modern day, society has its own ideals on what is 'beautiful'. These trends have changed with the times, but one thing remains: if you don't conform to the ideal, then you are not 'beautiful'.

We judge people on their physical aesthetic daily, whether we realize it or not. It is rooted in our instincts that beautiful = better. It means health and better genes to be passed on to offspring. This subconsciously influences how we see others, and also tends to influence how we treat other people.

Take this for example:

A scar. Scars are unwanted and considered "ugly", a blemish, or something that should be removed or hidden. But scars are proof of your body's amazing power to heal itself, why would anyone consider that ugly?
It's all a societal ideal, that a beautiful person has not a scratch on their perfect skin. But normal people are not perfect. The true beau…

Change the way you see Happiness

Happiness is something that everyone wants, yet not many people can say they are truly happy. Have you ever wondered what happiness really is though? Does it really differ from person to person?

Happiness is one of what psychologists call "universal emotions". Across cultures, languages and other barriers, every single human being can recognize happiness. Happiness is characterized by a smile on someone's face.

If happiness is something as simple as a smile, what makes it so hard to achieve? Personally, I think it's because of expectations. We all have our own ideas of what brings "happiness" and this may in turn, lead us to believe that we won't be happy without that certain 'thing'. Some may think happiness is being rich and famous, while others may believe that happiness is having children. One person may think that he will never be happy without the "love of his life", while another may see happiness as climbing the corporate ladde…

Change the way you see Adventure

What comes to mind when you think of adventure? Some might think of a hike up a mountain or doing something dangerous and thrilling like sky diving. Others may refer to something as simple as getting lost or visiting a new area as an adventure as well. If you're like me and are an avid reader, an adventure would call to mind an epic journey full of trials, monsters and discoveries.

Recently, I've realized that sometimes even a simple walk could turn into an adventure. My boyfriend and I were walking when we decided to take notice of our surroundings. Though we had passed the same route many times, we suddenly saw the place in a new light. We talked about what ifs and what would you dos, and suddenly our walk was so much more than the usual. If you can use your imagination, anything is possible.

Regardless of whether a simple walk or grand escapade is your definition of an adventure, it all boils down to one thing: PERSPECTIVE.

It all depends on how you see the world. A trip to…