Change the way you see Love

Ahhh love, everyone's favorite topic - or not. Depends on where you're coming from.

I think the "idea of love" that most people have is based on media. Romantic movies, love stories and the like, which show love as a "feeling you just get" when you're around that "certain someone". However, what about other types of love? How would you explain those?

Love cannot always be "just a feeling". If it were a feeling, then it follows that love ends when you don't feel those feelings anymore. We've seen this happen with romantic relationships, but what about familial ones and friendship? Are your relationships with these people based on "feelings" only? Of course not. We stick with these people through thick and thin because we ACCEPT them for who they are and STILL CHOOSE to love them. Love then becomes a willing acceptance and a choice to continue loving.

Love is acceptance

I've come to realize this in my own relationships with my family, friends and boyfriend. Love is not ever simple or easy. But if you stick to it and realize that you have to continue to choose to accept that person, instead of relying on a "feeling", it's going to be worth it. Love is so much more than what we glean from movies and books, and is truly so much more beautiful.

Change the way you see love, and you'll be able to see the true beauty  of it.

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