My Empties for 2016: Hair products and more

Hey Everyone!

Are you thinking: "Another Empties series?!" Well yes, I filled up another bag with stuff I've used up and I knew it was time for another blog series on this. Bear with me lol.

We're starting this one off with Hair and the "Etcetera-s" to ease us in, as the other categories have a lot more products. Ready?


1. Pantene Pro-V Shampoo (Smooth and Sleek, for Normal to Thick hair) - I freaking adore this. I have never ever come across a shampoo specifically for thick hair! As someone who has ridiculously heavy, messy, thick hair - this excited me quite a lot. It made my hair so soft and smooth and didn't weigh down my hair. I bought another bottle after finishing this but now as I'm about to run out, I can't find it anymore! Yes, I'm devastated. If anyone knows where I can get this again or a good alternative, please let me know!

2. Pantene Pro-V Silky Smooth Care Daily Treatment - This is the last bottle (finally) of that batch I hoarded years and years ago. I mentioned this previously in this post.

3. Hana Shampoo (Anti-Dandruff) - I love using the Soft and Silky variant of this shampoo. So when I ran out and hadn't bought a new one yet, I decided to reach for one of those samples I had stashed. I can't say much about it's anti-dandruff properties since I didn't use a lot of it and hadn't had any itchy problems at that time. But on the plus side, it didn't make me itch (I've had some anti-dandruff shampoos actually give me dandruff) and it didn't make my hair a huge angry mess. I would look into buying a whole bottle of this in the future.

ETC (I need a better word to call this)

1. Watsons Cotton Rounds - The usual cotton rounds, nothing special. They get the job done and I've been using them for a while now.

2. Cleene Cotton Rounds - I decided to try this since they had a promo that had them selling cheaper than the Watsons ones. I actually liked these ones better somehow; the cotton was more compact and the texture of the round made it more pleasant to use. Will be sticking to these from now on I believe.

3. Watsons Nose Pore Strips (Hawaiian Volcanic Ash) - My long time favorite and go-to nose strip. I always pick this up and I still love it after all these years. This was mentioned twice in previous empties' posts - here and here. See the very first post I made on this, my full review of the original variant of this nose strip here.

4. Etude House Aloha Wipes - I got these as a freebie ages ago and forgot about it! I used these to wipe up make up swatches and they worked well. They smelled nice even after all those years hiding in my vanity (>.<!)

5. Femme Fresh Make-up and Cleansing Wipes - I really don't know why I didn't notice this was upside down when I took the picture (together with the Aloha wipes), but now it really disturbs me. Hahaha that aside, I used these on my face on days when I needed to wipe off my makeup in a pinch and didn't have my usual with me (the 'usual' being my Bifiesta). It wiped a decent amount of make up off, maybe around 60-70%, but definitely didn't get everything off. Unless you're just wearing a light face powder and some lipstick or no make up at all, I wouldn't recommend using just this as your cleansing routine to clean your face. It's a decent product and I would buy it again if I needed it, but I will continue to try other make up wipes.

That's it for now! Do you have any suggestions for the "etcetera"  portion? I was thinking they're all paper products but that kind of sounds weird. Should I just keep them with "face products"? Let me know what you think!

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