Empties for 2016: Body Products I used up

Hello Everyone!

I'm back with part two of my empties series, which is all about body products. Some of these products are stuff I got from a while back and never got around to using until recently. So please excuse the condition they're in haha!

1. Body Luxuries Shower Gel (Twilight Woods) - This is a little gem I found in a mall department store one day. They don't sell these anymore, and suspect it's because they bear an uncanny resemblance to Bath and Body Works' shower gels; this one actually smelled like the Warm Vanilla one. Regardless, it was a great shower gel! Lathered really well and smelled amazing! The scent lasted a few hours after bathing as well. For only Php 149 (if I recall correctly), this was a purchase I didn't regret.

2. Human Nature Natural Hand Soap (Apple) - A very kind client of mine had sent me a box of Human Nature products some time last year. One of the products was this pocket hand soap. I had never tried this product before, but I'm glad I did! It's really handy to use especially in public restrooms that don't have soap. It smelled deliciously like apple and lathered really well. Will definitely pick this up when I buy from Human Nature.

3. The Body Shop Shower Gel (Pink Grapefruit) - I have always loved The Body Shop shower gels and this was no exception. I loved the fresh citrus-y scent this one had - so energizing! It lathers up very well (as all of their shower gels do), and definitely leaves you feeling clean.

4. Human Nature All Natural Hand Sanitizer (Tropical Burst) - This one smelled like citrus as well! Very refreshing! I would consider buying this again :D

5. Body Treats Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap (Melon) - This was another one of those hand soap trios I got during one of those Christmas sales from last year. It smelled like melon (duh) and lathered up nicely. I just didn't like that it came in a squeeze bottle rather than a pump one.

6. Etude House Petit Bijou Soft Body Wash (Cotton Snow) - A sample I got from Etude quite a while back; this body wash was another little gem that lathered up great and smelled soft and powdery. Might consider getting this again.

7. Jergens Dry Skin Moisturizer (Original Scent) - Look at that poor bottle haha! I kept this one in my bag so I could use it on my hands during the day. I loved the smell of this - like a mix of cherries and almonds. What I didn't like with this was that I found that it didn't completely absorb into my skin. However, my hands did become soft and smooth whenever I used this.

8. Etude House Petit Bijou Moisture Body Lotion (Cotton Snow) - Another sample from Etude with the same soft powder scent. I found this lotion to be a bit more on the watery side, which didn't appeal to me very much. I liked the scent but not the consistency.

Have you tried any of the products above? What products have you used up recently? Let me know in the comments below!


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