6 Valentine's Day gift ideas for people in your life

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Couples are planning their dates and singles are planning outings with their friends and family (or with themselves, hey no judgement!). Now if you're still in the dark about what to give your loved ones for Valentine's (aside from flowers and/or chocolates), be it for that special guy or girl, your friends and siblings and even your parents, look no further as this list is for you.

1. A nice meal - I personally always enjoy eating with good company. So what better way to spend this day than to have a nice, special lunch/dinner with your favorite person or people! Plan either a meal in your favorite restaurant or a new (maybe fancy?) place you haven't tried yet. Or you can also get together at home and cook your favorite dishes from scratch! This is a great idea for bonding just enjoying each other's company.

2. Jewelry - Now if you want to splurge a bit and spoil your special someone, this is a great idea. Find a piece that fits what they already have in their collection and also matches their personality. Not only will they feel very spoiled, but [real] jewelry could also be a great investment (like gold).

3. Watch - I think watches are a classic gift, for both men and women. They're practical and yet not usually something people buy for themselves. There are affordable and pricey options for this so I think it's a gift for all budgets.

4. Perfume - Another classic gift option that falls under different price ranges. Pick a scent that reminds you of them or you think would suit them or is similar to what they usually wear. I find that most people are happy when they receive perfume as a gift :)

5. Books/Toys/Hobby Items - This gift idea is a more personal option which would depend on the person you're giving it to. Personally, I love reading books and I love it when I receive a book as a gift, regardless of occasion. My boyfriend loves remote control planes and Gundam models and is always (super) happy when I give him one as a gift. I have a friend who loves to paint and her face always lights up when I give her new paintbrushes. You get the idea. Pick something they enjoy and surprise them with something related to it.

6. Spa Day - We all deserve to be pampered every once in a while. Why not surprise your loved one with a well deserved spa day? Treat them to a massage together or a luxury facial and just relax. Have a nice lunch or snack together afterwards and forget about problems and let go of stress for at least a day.

How will you be spending your Valentine's day? Who will you be spending it with? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

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