My Empties for 2016: Make Up Products

Hi Everyone! I'm back with the last part of my Empties series (for now) on make up products. I actually did some cleaning out of my makeup stash and so some of these products I'm getting rid of not because they're really empty, but because they just need to go.

There's a lot of makeup here so without further ado, let's begin!

1. Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm (Cherry) - I really like Nivea lipbalms. They smell great, don't give my lips allergies and give a very nice hint of color and shine to your lips. It's perfect for a little something to perk your face up when you're not wearing much makeup.

2. Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream (01 Fresh) - This was an inexpensive BB cream with a light to medium coverage. One thing I did not like about this was the SMELL. It smelled horrible to me. I don't know if I just got a bad one or if they all smelled like that but it just smelled bad. Kind of like pungent chemicals and a hint of something I can't identify. The product itself was okay but the smell was enough to keep me from buying this again :(

3. ELF Eyebrow Kit (Light) - An old and well loved favorite mentioned in last year's empties post. It gives a natural color to your brows so it's perfect for those who aren't into the "brows on fleek" trend that makes your brows super defined. It's very affordable, easy to use and looks like you're not wearing makeup!

4. Human Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel - I LOVE this. If you've ever had a huge ass pimple suddenly rear its ugly and sometimes headless head, then you absolutely NEED this in your life. It dries out acne and pimples in anywhere from a few hours to a few days (depending on the severity of the problem) and leaves no scars. It contains tea tree oil which I'm sure we all know works wonders for acne. I strongly recommend this. (Beware it has an expiration date!)

5. The Face Shop Face It All About Mascara (03 Power Volume) - I found this as I was clearing out my makeup and I remember how amazing this was for giving volume to lashes. I don't think this is being sold anymore (?); I remember it was on the mid price range and was pretty good.

6. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara (01 Black) - This was a pretty dry mascara but did make my lashes look thicker and fuller. Didn't get to use it much since it's just a sample size but I enjoyed it while it lasted.

7. Maybelline The Hypercurl Volume Express - One of my favorite go-to mascaras! This is very inexpensive and holds a curl well. It's waterproof so even if you cry, you don't end up with raccoon eyes (personally tried and tested lol). It gives a natural effect to the lashes so it's not obvious you're wearing mascara, but you still look more put together and awake.

8. Etude House Oh! M'Eye Lash (Top Coat) - I know the tube looks terrible. That's what I didn't like about this - each time I used it to top coat my lashes after my regular mascara, it would scrape a bit of the mascara on my lashes and so when I placed it back in the tube the mascara bits would mix with the product. This would also happen even if I let the mascara dry for a few minutes! But for what it was, it did what it was supposed to do. My lashes did feel a little heavy when I wore this though.

9. Etude House Oh! M'Eye Lash (Petticoat) - This was supposed to be placed before your regular mascara to give you more length and volume. It did add volume for me, but also resulted in more clumping in my lashes. Wasn't really into this product.

10. Garnier Pure Active Anti-Imperfections Roll On - In addition to the Human Nature Acne gel, this was another miracle worker for acne and pimples for me. This one contains salicylic acid and works wonders on tiny little pimples (they usually disappear in a day or two for me). Love this product.

11. The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Stain - I know this is a pretty popular product, but I found it a bit too watery for me. Because of that, I didn't like it for a lip tint. It worked okay as a cheek tint but because it was so watery I felt like the color didn't show up or last long. For the price, I guess I expected more :/

12. ELF Eyelid Primer - Another old favorite that I mentioned here and here. It's an inexpensive primer that works.

13 - 14. Human Nature Lipstick (Passion Candy) and Human Nature Lipstick (First Kiss) - These were two beautiful colors and I loved that they were natural and didn't trigger my allergies. What I didn't like was that they melted so easily :( Perhaps it was because of the natural ingredients but it frustrated me that I had to keep it in the ref. This prevented me from using it as much and thus both lipsticks expired before I could finish them :(

That's it! Whew, that was a lot of makeup haha! Have you tried any of these products? How often do you clear your makeup stash? Let me know in the comments!

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