3 Luxurious Gifts for Mother's Day

Hi Everyone!

Mothers are amazing. They look out for you, take care of you when you're sick, and listen to all your rambles all while working a 9-5, running a business or like my supermom, running the house all by herself. Mother's Day is just a few weeks away and while we should always take every opportunity to show our appreciation for her, this day is also a great time to treat Mom like the queen she really is. In this post, I talk about 3 luxurious gift ideas to spoil mommy dearest on her special day.

1. Perfume - Most women love perfume. It's a classic gift to give any woman for a special occasion. If you're not sure on what scent to get, take note of the scents mom usually wears. Is it powdery? Floral? Fruity? Musky? If she doesn't wear perfume, imagine what would suit her best. Remember when testing perfumes to use the paper strips to get a whiff of the true scent of the perfume. You can also test on your wrist to see how long it wears. Best to take mom with you if you can so you can also test it on her skin since perfumes may smell different on different people.

I recently bought my mom a Chanel No 5. It's a classic scent and it fits her so much. I actually also broke her bottle when I was 4 years old and though she was upset she never got mad at me :( So this was really personal for me since I wanted to make it up to her >.<

2. Jewelry - Who can ever go wrong with jewelry? It's a luxury item that people rarely buy for themselves, so it's always appreciated when given as a gift. While precious gems like Diamonds and Emeralds will cost you a pretty penny, there are other options like lab grown precious stones (which are of the same chemical composition as mined stones and are hence, also real) or semi-previous stones like Peridots or Amethysts. You can also skip the stone and get a simple gold or silver piece of jewelry.

Pictured above are actually my sister's Pandora bracelets and her charms. If you're looking for a gift that's personal, a Pandora bracelet is a great idea. The charms can be picked out to reflect important events or milestones or even to reflect that person's personality. It's also a continuous kind of gift since you can keep adding to it on special occasions!

3. (High-End) Skin Care - Yes, there are lots of great budget friendly options for skin care that produce great results. However, there's a reason why these high end options are expensive: they produce even better results and are usually made with better ingredients (I say "usually" as not all expensive skin care is great). Pick a brand that either you or your mom is already familiar with, or find one with great reviews. It's best to check the product out in the store before buying, You can also take mom to the store directly so she can test the products herself! :)

Personally I really like Shiseido skin care (reviews on some products coming soon) and so I recommend it to my mom as well. I usually let her use mine so she can see how they work and to check for adverse reactions.

Remember, it's always the thought behind the gift that counts. Don't just buy a gift just for the sake of giving it; pick something that will show the person how much they mean to you. Giving a random, albeit expensive, gift isn't as special as taking the time to pick out that perfect gift you know they'll love - even if it isn't as expensive as other options.

Enough rambling from me, what are your plans for Mother's day? Let me know all about it! Thank you for reading!