Beauty Haul: Products I bought over the last few months (Revlon, NYX and more!)

Hey Everyone,

I'm here with a quick (and delayed) post on a few makeup things I picked up a from a while back. This is a collective haul, so these things were bought at different times and places, but I will indicate where I bought them from and the estimate of the prices for those interested.

Let's get started with my last few purchases at my favorite online makeup seller: Stuff in Style

Bought: Online, via Stuff in Style (Website; Facebook)


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I've been buying from Stuff in Style for years and years now. It's so easy to talk to her and order, and the items are shipped out really fast. The products are authentic and are reasonably priced. So anytime I want to buy makeup online - she's always my go-to (as you can see by the amount of stuff I bought in the past year lol). I highly recommend her and have also convinced my office mates to order from her too :)

Bought: Online, via BDJ Box Shop (Website)

I actually bought these on sale (50% off) so it was Php 287.50 per balm :) The promo even had free shipping if you bought 4 balms, so I quickly convinced my office mate to buy one too! Oh the joys of being a "bad" influence! Haha! Sign up with BDJ if you'd like to be notified of such promos and another beauty tips and tricks!

Bought: Online via Shopee, DivaStuffShoppe (Shopee Store)

I absolutely love the Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation. Naturally, when I saw this product I knew I had to have it. It was a steal at the price it was sold for (I believe this is around Php 800+ in the mall), and the shade Buff really matches my skin perfectly! I love how it's both a foundation and concealer in one as well :)

Bought: Online via Shopee, threedaymakeupsale (Shopee Store)

I've long talked about my lip allergy problems and how it all began with Chapstick. Since then, I've always been very wary about the lip balms and lipsticks I use since my allergy is so easily aggravated by the wrong ingredients. Burts Bees has been holy grail for me recently; it soothes my dry lips and the little cuts I occasionally get and helps them heal. I was pleasantly surprised that my order even came with a free Lip Gloss that I've been using as well!

It was only as I finished writing this that I realized that I bought all of these online! Truly, online shopping has become a bigger part of our shopping lives. It's pretty addicting haha!

Speaking of online shopping, my friend and I have recently set up an online shop! We're selling cute school supplies, along with other things like fur (for photos) and wristlets. Check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Shopee!

Thank you for reading!

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