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Top 5 Must Haves for the Rainy Season

Hi Everyone!

The rainy season is definitely upon us, here in the Philippines. While there are still days when it's hot and sunny, the late afternoons to evenings are usually either gloomy, or wet - with the rains ranging from a drizzle to torrential rain.

With that, whats a girl to do? In this post I talk about my Top 5 Must Haves for the Rainy Season. These will help you get through the wet season.

Rainy Days by tamershadow

Product Review: Etude House Pink Vital Water

Hi Everyone!

Remember how I bought a ton of samples and masks? Well, I've been trying some of them out! Today I'll talk about samples from Etude House's Pink Vital Water line; this includes their facial toner, serum and emulsion.

(Sorry for the photo, I opened the sachet before realizing I forgot to take a picture haha)

What does it do: "The vitality moisturizing care reduces fatigue and pink color vitality and moisturizing energy to skin."

How much:Facial Toner (180 ml full size) - Php 798

Serum (80ml full size) - Php 1048

Emulsion (180 full size) - Php 798

Instructions: Toner -> Serum -> Emulsion

The first thing I always notice about a new product is its smell. This skincare line has a subtle light floral scent that's perfect for those who don't like products with strong smells.