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Shopping Haul: Stuff from The Body Shop!

Hey Everyone!

I have a quick haul post today; some stuff I got from The Body Shop when they had their anniversary sale a few months ago. I know it's a late post (considering this was bought for me for my birthday!), but somehow this got moved around in my calendar and I forgot to put it up! But anyway, allow me to share the stuff I picked up :)

Starting from left to right, top to bottom:

1. Strawberry Shower Gel - I love strawberries! Sadly, I found out recently that I'm actually allergic to them. So while I need to avoid eating them, at least I can smell like one with this! :) Its a very sweet strawberry smell. Some may find it too sweet, so try to sniff it before buying.

2. Blueberry Shower Gel - This blueberry shower gel smells like a dream. It's a deep fruity berry scent that blueberries have and that I love! I also love their new packaging since the cap of the old one tends to break easily.

3. Early-Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel - As if you couldn't already tell, I …