Shopping Haul: Stuff from The Body Shop!

Hey Everyone!

I have a quick haul post today; some stuff I got from The Body Shop when they had their anniversary sale a few months ago. I know it's a late post (considering this was bought for me for my birthday!), but somehow this got moved around in my calendar and I forgot to put it up! But anyway, allow me to share the stuff I picked up :)

Starting from left to right, top to bottom:

1. Strawberry Shower Gel - I love strawberries! Sadly, I found out recently that I'm actually allergic to them. So while I need to avoid eating them, at least I can smell like one with this! :) Its a very sweet strawberry smell. Some may find it too sweet, so try to sniff it before buying.

2. Blueberry Shower Gel - This blueberry shower gel smells like a dream. It's a deep fruity berry scent that blueberries have and that I love! I also love their new packaging since the cap of the old one tends to break easily.

3. Early-Harvest Raspberry Shower Gel - As if you couldn't already tell, I love berries and berry smells. And I also love Body Shop shower gels! (I rhymed lol). This one smells like raspberry jam (I wonder why). It has that berry smell with with a slightly sour-ish tang that raspberries have. Very excited to try this.

4. Vineyard Peach Body Mist - If you love peach smells, this one is perfect. It smells exactly like a peach - like you opened a can of peaches kind of smell. My mom and boyfriend both love when I wear this! Also this was the last one in stock, and the sales lady kept telling me it was meant for me so I couldn't resist.

5. Blueberry Softening Body Butter - I love Body Shop body butters! Now, they're usually a bit pricey so I only get them on sale. This was half off so I got it to match the shower gel!

6. Vineyard Peach Softening Body Butter - I actually didn't buy this in the same branch I bought the others. But I was so in love with the peach body mist that when I saw this in another branch, I decided to pick it up. No regrets! <3

Well I seemed to have rambled quite a bit today. I blame it on the wintermelon milk tea I'm drinking. Have you tried any of these products? What are you favorite Body Shop scents? (My ultimate favorite was their limited edition Almond one).

Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for reading!

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